Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dragon and the Two Knights

Once upon a time there were two knights that were trained to destroy their opponent. On the far side of the village there was a silver dragon that killed anyone that trespassed in his cave. It breathed fire and turned into a flaming ball when he got mad. When the first knight went to defeat the silver dragon, he started taunting it. The dragon was really a nice one but when it was being taunted, it got angry. The first knight died from the dragon.
The second knight was the nicest one the village has ever had. All the rulers thought he wouldn’t make it out alive. But when he went to defeat the dragon, he was nice to it to see how it would react. The dragon put him in his mouth to carry him somewhere else. The knight thought it was trying to eat him alive. It spit him out in a magical part of the cave that was filled with a thousand tons of gold and diamonds. He was so happy. He thought the dragon was still going to try to kill him but it gave him some gold and let him go out. The dragon went to the village with the knight. The knight told them about how nice the dragon was and how much gold there was in the cave. The amazing dragon never fought anyone again and lived happily ever after with the knight.

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