Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One time my friends and I went to a house that was said to be haunted. My friend ,Jose dared me to go into the old abandoned house. I told him if I go, he goes. I knew my friend wouldn't want to go so I started walking away.

He said "Wait! where do you think your going."

I turned around and said"Home, duh."

He said "I thought we were going to the haunted house." so we started walking towards the house while i was thinking what did i get myself into this time. When we got to the house I was acting like I was going to walk in but I stopped all of a sudden to tell Jose to come in but when i turned around they were gone. I was already through the doors but when I was leaving the doors slammed shut right before I got out. I tried to open the door but it seemed like if someone locked it from the outside. It was probably one of the scariest moments in my life. I started screaming to my friends but no one answered. I heard a door squeak then slam shut. I was wondering if someone still lived there so i called out but I only heard rat run across the room. I started walking up these old dusty stairs because I thought I could find another way out. I saw a window open at the top of the stairs. I ran towards it to try to get outside. When i got up there I heard foot steps coming closer and closer I started climb through the window as fast as I could. I heard "GET OUT!!!!" I jumped through the window but I was on the roof of a two-story house on the side I saw a ladder. I ran towards it and started climbing down. The ladder started shaking and I saw someone at the bottom. I jumped on the person and realized it was Jose.

He said "Ha you fell for it"

I said "what are you talking about!!!!!!!"

He said" all that was us"

"What was you"I said with my right eye twitching.

He explained that all of the creepy stuff in the house was him and that the house belonged to his uncle. That was the worst day of My life.

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